Thursday, November 13, 2008


A project that I was going to do this summer, when it was warm and dry, was add additional heat to about 8" of veg oil line that are unheated. Well, it is now cold, wet, and I am finally getting to the project.

Those unheated 8" can prevent me from switching over to veg oil when it is cold, which in Minnesota can be as low as -40F every winter. My solution for this winter will be to wrap the exposed veg oil line with heat tape and insulate. Just enough heat has to be added to liquify the plug of solid veg oil so the aux fuel pump can get the oil moving. There is enough heat in the rest of the system to keep things toasty but these short sections of line have been a show-stopper. I use 120v heat tape and an inverter which works well.

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