Wednesday, October 22, 2008

One Year on WVO

This October marks my one year anniversary for running on waste vegetable oil. Here's some stats:

Approximate gallons veg oil used: 500
Miles driven @ 45 MPG: 22,500
St of MN taxes paid on veg oil: $100
Gallons of diesel saved: 500
Cost equivalent: $1,825
Pounds of CO2 saved from entering atmosphere from fossil fuels: 11,200
Amount of human food displaced: Zero

People ask how the car is running and I am continually surprised by how well it continues to run on WVO. No smoking, hard starting, or rough running. No mechanical damage. Just a greasy garage and stained clothes mark this anniversary... along with a big smile.

I'd like to thank my supplies for all the effort they have put in to providing me with oil...

ARAMARK Food Services of Bemidji State University
Itasca Community College Dining Services
Concordia Language Villages


Brian Gallimore said...

good to hear of your success!

skerbitz/thomas said...

you've come a long way :-) since working
on the vanagon in my shop in zim with
gerry. joy and i are interested in anything. we heard you talking with
the guy out east about vegetable diesels.
so thought i'd email you.

bob skerbitz and joy thomas

Melanie said...

Hi Mr. Haug, I'm Kalli Wilson, Maggie Montgomery's honorary niece, and I'm writing a report on used VO fuel. Thanks! (My dad says hi - Paul Wilson)